No Longer Human
2019 ()
The renowned writer, Osamu Dazai. He had rumours of affairs in spite of his pregnant wife Michiko and two kids. Together with continuously attempting suicide, he was creating a sensational headline in Japan. Shizuko who aspired to be a writer and Tomie who was a widow, they were the mistresses of Dazai. Both of them with Dazai and his wife, were raising the curtain on a new scandal.
Director: Mika Ninagawa
Script: Kaeko Hayafune
Music: Jun Miyake
Cinematography: Ryuto Kondo
Production Design: Enzo
Costume Design: Tetsuro Nagase
Cast: Shun Oguri
Rie Miyazawa
Erika Sawajiri
Fumi Nikaido
2019 (117 minutes)
Welcome to the diner exclusive for killers. A diner exclusive for killers who treat lives as trash. The owner was also a killer as well as a genius chef, Bombero. “I am the king of this place. Even a sugar cube has to follow my order”. Oobakanako, who opted for a part time job with daily pay of three hundred thousand yen, is forced to work as a waitress in the diner. Various killers who come to the diner from all places, they can either order super fine meal or kill each other. The owner, the waitress and the killers have started a new killing scene!
Director: Mika Ninagawa
Original Author:Yumeaki Hirayama
“Diner” (Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd.)
Script: Hirohito Goto,
Yoshikazu Sugiyama,
Mika Ninagawa
Music: Shinichi Osawa
Cinematography: Daisuke Souma
Production Design: Enzo
Cast: Tatsuya Fujiwara
Tina Tamashiro
Masataka Kubota
Shun Oguri
Anna Tsuchiya
Miki Maya
Eiji Okuda
2012 (127 minutes)
Superstar Liliko has a secret which she could never tell anyone. She has undergone full body plastic surgery to attain the perfect body and face in order to stay on top of the entertaining industry. Besides her eyeballs, nails, hair, ears and the bottom part of Lilico, all others are artificial. However her body begins to break down as an effect of the surgery, which alerts an inspector who is investigating a series of crimes regarding organ theft and suicides. What’s more, Lilico’s boyfriend engaged with another girl and another model whose threatening Lilico’s position came into play. The collapse of the ultimate beauty and the fear of falling from top of the industry makes Lilico stuck in between reality and nightmare. Along with Lilico’s escape, incidents that caused tumults also came in.
Director: Mika Ninagawa
Original Author: Kyoko Okazaki “Helter Skelter” (Shodensha Feel Comics)
Script: Arisa Kaneko

Music: Koji Ueno
Theme Song: Ayumi Hamasaki “evolution”(avex trax)

Ending Theme Song: AA= “The Klock"(SPEEDSTAR RECORDS)
Cinematography: Daisuke Soma
Production Design: Hiroyasu Koizumi, Enzo
Costume Design: Tetsuro Nagase, Nami Shinoduka
Cast: Erika Sawajiri
Nao Omori
Shinobu Terajima
2007 (111 minutes)
An 8 year-old young girl Kiyoha who is sold into the red light district Yoshiwara Yukaku. She is afraid of being a courtesan in this world of solely women and she tried to escape but failed. Seiji told Kiyoha that if this never-bloomed Sakura tree blossoms one day, he will take her together and leave forever. The provocation from the top of courtesans, Oiran Shohi made Kiyoha determined to be the oiran of Yoshiwara, and she managed to achieve the highest position since then. Finally Kuranosuke, who is willing to buy the freedom of Kiyoha, appeared and Kiyoha could leave Yoshiwara forever. The same day, a miracle happened on the never-bloomed Sakura tree.
Director: Mika Ninagawa
Original Author: Moyoco Anno “SAKURAN” (Kodansha Evening KC)
Script: Yuki Tanada
Music: Sheena Ringo
Cinematography: Takuro Ishizaka
Production Design: Namiko Iwaki
Costume Design: Daisuke Iga, Yuko Sugiyama
Cast: Anna Tsuchiya
Miho Kanno
Masanobu Ando